Ken Bukowski : 24-Year Emeryville City Council Member
Ken Bukowski

24-Year Emeryville City Council Member

Dear Emeryville Voter:

You have an important decision to make on Tuesday. I hope you can make your decision based on past performance, and future goals and objectives. Please think about what is best for the people of Emeryville. Don't be misled by negative information being used to divert your attention from the issues.

The business community has supported me in prior elections, but this time I said, I would NOT support Nora Davis for re-lection. This is the real problem no one is talking about. The people don't have enough say, I created a Voter Petition to fine tune the way we run the city.

Why should you vote for Ken Bukowski?

1. Stands up for the rights of the Residents, City Employees, and also for the Businesses. They don't want anyone on the city council who will say NO.

2. My voting record on the city council reflect what is best for the people in the City. Just look at what we have done.

3. The business community does not want Residents to have an Annual Meeting. This would force the City Council to listen and be accountable to the voters.

4. My continued presence on the Council, and my effort to reform the City Attorney's Office, will expose corruption and miss use of taxpayer resources.

In November 1987, I created a slate of Three Council Members. We won the election, and it became a landmark in Emeryville history. However, after all this time I recognize the need to shift the balance of power so the Residents can control our own destiny. That is the real issue.

My Opponents are focusing on economic hardship, recreational drug use from decades ago, and other personal attacks.

The question is... Who is running your city government. The Chamber of Commerce hires campaign consultants who send youexpensive campaign mailers which don't provide information you need to make your decision.

We can fix the problem with Emeryville elections by requiring a voter questionnaire (job application) for each candidate. We can conduct live interviews. We can dispense with the need for candidates to accept contributions to mail you information prepared by the people they hire to run your campaign.

The City of Emeryville, and other places, do not provide the level of accountability we all deserve. If you can picture a homeowner's association without an annual meeting, you can picture the City Council. NO annual financial report. NO assigned time for the voters evaluate the performance of City government. No opportunity for the People to adopt goals and objectives. NO time to look back at the mistakes we have made, and evaluate the best way to address the problems.

I am loyal dedicated and hard working. I spend more time working for the people than all of the other council members combined. The Voter Petition demonstrates a combination of my experience, and a chance to take a leadership role to bring accountability, transparency, and access for the residents of Emeryville.

A vote for Ken Bukowski, is a vote for the people.